Consuming Spirits

  • Thur Apr 4
Consuming Spirits

with animator Chris Sullivan in person

Chris Sullivan

An animated dystopia centered on the relationships among the three main characters—Earl Gray, Gentian Violet, and Victor Blue - that multiply and divide as their stories become increasingly complex, hilarious, and scary. The Huffington Post writes of the film’s “insanely meticulous construction” and continues: “The animation took 15 years of work… The characters were hand-drawn onto layers of glass which were then moved with needles and pins. The film seamlessly combines cutout animation, pencil drawing, collage, and stop-motion animation to create the haunting atmosphere of a self-contained world… (most of whose) characters walk shakily between self-medication and a bad trip… ugly characters (who) make up the most beautiful spectacle you’ve ever seen.” Cosponsored with the Cornell Council for the Arts.


Digital Projection color
2 hours 16 minutes
release year/country
2012 USA

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