Cobra Woman

  • Thur Feb 28
Cobra Woman

Robert Siodmak
Maria Montez, Sabu, Lon Cheney

The “Carribean Cyclone,” Maria Montez, is doubly sassy as twin sisters vying for romance and power in this tale of torment in the tropics! Robert Siodmak (The Killers) directs this Technicolor camp classic (Montez and her films later became an inspiration for underground filmmaker and performance artist Jack Smith) with rapturous attention to mid-Century crowd pleasing spectacle. Friendly chimps? Check. Nubile natives? Check. Exploding volcanos? Check. Dance of the snakes? You get the picture. Featuring “gorgeous photography by the great Technicolor veteran Alfred Greene, who had been shooting the color process since its earliest 2-strip versions in the early 1920s.” (Harvard Film Archive)


35mm color
1 hour 11 minutes
release year/country
1944 USA