12 Monkeys

  • Thur Feb 7
  • Sat Feb 9
12 Monkeys

shown with Chris Marker’s short La Jetée

Terry Gilliam
Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt

Inspired by Chris Marker’s short La Jetée, this futuristic thriller spins a complicated and deviously believable plot involving time travel and apocalypse, “playing with present/past/future tense in ways both clever and confusing.” (Leonard Maltin) It will be shown with La Jetée (1962, 29 mins, France), Marker’s stunning film/photo essay on the nature and question of vision. Marker’s film, on which 12 Monkeys is based, consists almost entirely of shots of a still photo of a tragedy about to happen. The voiceover concentrates on a objective description of the photo and of the process of photography to chilling effects.

35mm color
2 hours 11 minutes
release year/country
1996 USA