Mind Game

  • Fri Apr 20
  • Sat Apr 21
Mind Game
Masaaki Yuasa
voices of Kōji Imada, Sayaka Maeda, Takashi Fujii, Seiko Takuma

The directorial debut of Masaaki Yuasa (Kaiba, The Tatami Galaxy), Mind Game is an anime cult classic filled to the brim with fight scenes, supernatural beings, and MacGyver-esque ingenuity. Mind Game follows Nishi (Kōji Imada) who, largely through sheer unluckiness, must face murderous yakuza, the afterlife, and a giant whale in one eventful day. The movie is also distinct from other anime films as Yuasa and his animators use a smorgasbord of animations styles to tell their oddball story. “Out-of-context flashbacks and flash-forwards were a staple of late-’60s New Wave filmmaking, but, save for some early Bakshi fare, animated features have rarely strayed from strictly linear through lines.” (Variety)

website: gkids.com/films/mind-game-2

DCP 'Scope color
1 hour 43 minutes
release year/country
2004 Japan