• Tues Apr 24
Alonso Ruiz Palacios
Tenoch Huerta, Sebastian Aguirre

This deadpan comedy is set in late-90s Mexico City during the National University strike, which leaves Sombra and Santos out of school with nothing to do but kill time and waste energy. The abrupt arrival of Sombra’s little brother Tomas does little to change their slacker ways until Tomas convinces Sombra to help him track down one of their childhood idols, an unsung Mexican folk-rock singer who has been hospitalized somewhere in the city. Featuring great black and white cinematography, the film was nominated for 12 Mexican Ariel “Academy Awards” and won 5, including Best Picture and Best Director. “It’s a gorgeous sound-and-vision journey through a mystical or mythical space that has echoes of the 1960s Paris of Godard and Truffaut and the 1980s New York of Jim Jarmusch.” (Salon.com)

Cosponsored with the Dept of Romance Studies.

website: kinolorber.com

DCP bw
1 hour 46 minutes
release year/country
2015 Mexico