La Ciudad

  • Tues Apr 17
La Ciudad
David Riker
Fernando Reyes, Marcos Martinez Garcia

Four vignettes depict the struggles of recent Latino immigrants to construct new lives away from their families and homelands in a city where they are often either ignored or exploited. Shot over six years on location in New York City, Riker’s film tells the stories of a homeless street puppeteer trying to enroll his daughter in school, a sweatshop worker trying to collect her back pay for her ailing daughter’s care, and the woes of others who are lost in a new and unfamiliar world. A realistic and devastating snapshot of an “invisible” community. Stylistically akin to Italian neo-realism, Riker’s film “reminds you of the genre’s power in bringing home the brute Darwinian realities of poor people’s lives.” (NY Times) Exquisitely shot in black and white, the film should be seen on the big screen in this new digital restoration!

Cosponsored with the Dept of Romance Studies.


New Digital Restoration
DCP bw
1 hour 28 minutes
release year/country
1999 USA