In the Intense Now

  • Wed Oct 10
In the Intense Now
João Moreira Salles

A personal essay which analyses and compares images of the political upheavals of the 1960s. From the military coup in Brazil to China’s Cultural Revolution, from the student uprisings in Paris to the end of the Prague Spring. Viewers will “find solace, enlightenment and surprise in João Moreira Salles’s [film], a bittersweet, ruminative documentary essay composed of footage from the [1968] era accompanied by thoughtful, disarmingly personal voice-over narration.” (NY Times) “One of the most remarkable political essays in contemporary cinema.” (Buenos Aires International Film Festival)

Cosponsored with the Dept of History and the Society for the Humanities.
Shown as part of Ithaca’s Cine con Cultura Film Festival, an annual festival that brings Latin American and Latinx films to the Ithaca area to commemorate Latinx Heritage Month. It is organized by Cultura Ithaca! and hosts screenings at Cinemapolis, Ithaca College, and Cornell. Learn more about the Festival at


Ithaca premiere
DCP color
2 hours 7 minutes
release year/country
2018 Brazil