The Feeling of Being Watched

  • Tues Dec 4
The Feeling of Being Watched

with filmmaker Assia Boundaoui in person;
free admission

Assia Boundaoui

In an Arab-American neighborhood outside of Chicago, most residents think they have been under surveillance for over a decade. And they were right. Code-named “Operation Vulgar Betrayal,” the residents of Bridgeview, Illinois were subject to the largest counterterrorism investigations ever conducted in the U.S. pre-9/11. With unprecedented access, The Feeling of Being Watched weaves the personal and the political as it follows filmmaker Assia Boundaoui’s examination of why her community fell under blanket government surveillance.

Sponsored by Information Science and Media Studies.


Ithaca Premiere
DCP color
1 hours 26 minutes
release year/country
2018 USA