Experimental Minute Films by Alexander Kluge

  • Thur Oct 11
Experimental Minute Films by Alexander Kluge

discussion facilitated  by Erik Born (German Studies);
free admission

Alexander Kluge

Alexander Kluge (b. 1932) is a polymath of European modernity and contemporary globalization, whose prize-winning work in literature, film, television, music, sound, history, digital media, and social theory turns on catastrophe, hope, and transformation. Re-imagining agency since the 1960s, Kluge also probes new perspectives for 21st-century culture and society. Available in Ithaca for the first time in the context of an international conference on Kluge’s perspectival innovations in creative arts and critical practice, a sampling of his recent experimental “minute films” encourages us to see, hear, and think constellations of revolution, war, cityscapes, and screen experience itself anew. The evening features several of Kluge’s newest minute films (approximately one hour) and some time for audience discussion too.

Discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Erik Born, Visiting Assistant Professor in Cornell’s Dept. of German Studies. This special film screening is part of Alexander Kluge: New Perspectives on Creative Arts and Critical Practice, an international conference to be held at Cornell, October 11–13, 2018, with a full conference program available c/o Institute for German Cultural Studies as of 8/30. Organizer: Leslie A. Adelson, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of German Studies

Co-sponsors: Cornell University’s Institute for German Cultural Studies, Dept. of German Studies, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University Library, Dept. of English, Dept. of Comparative Literature, Cornell Institute for European Studies, and New German Critique.

Ithaca premiere
Digital Projection color
1 hour
release year/country
2018 Germany