Wonder Woman

  • Fri Sept 8
  • Fri Sept 8
  • Sat Sept 9
    $5.50 all
  • Sat Sept 9
Wonder Woman
Patty Jenkins
Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright

Gal Gadot plays Diana, the iconic Amazon princess-turned-superhero, trained as a warrior and raised on an idyllic island. Diana’s life changes in 1918 when a British pilot (Chris Pine) crash-lands in Diana’s all-women Amazon paradise and informs her of the war raging elsewhere throughout the world. Believing the war to be the work of Ares, the fallen god of war who lives among men, Diana leaves her home to fight evil as Wonder Woman in a world that may or may not deserve her. In this refreshingly fun and heartfelt superhero movie, Gal Gadot’s bold performance revitalizes Wonder Woman in a film that balances lightness, action, and humanity. “Smart, slick, and satisfying in all of the ways superhero films ought to be.” (Entertainment Weekly)

website: wonderwomanfilm.com

DCP 'Scope color
2 hours 21 minutes
release year/country
2017 USA