Shaun of the Dead

  • Sat Oct 28
Shaun of the Dead

with costume contest & party!
Party: 7:15 • Screening: 8:15

Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost

Shaun is a somewhat typical bloke: his girl is mad at him for not paying her enough attention, his Mum wants him to get a better job and settle down, and he just wants to hang out in his local pub with his best mates. But when the living dead start to take over London, Shaun steps up to the Cricket plate and heads out to save his lady and his Mum, and maybe have a pint while he’s at it. Part Dawn of the Dead parody, part charming romantic comedy, Shaun of the Dead is “the most original comedy from either side of the pond in years.” (Austin Chronicle) The pre-screening party will feature lots of treats and a fantastic costume party/contest on stage, with prizes for the best and most original ones!


DCP color
1 hour 39 minutes
release year/country
2004 UK