My Journey Through French Cinema

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My Journey Through French Cinema
Bertrand Tavernier

French auteur Tavernier knows his native cinema inside and out, from the giants like Renoir, Godard, and Melville (for whom he worked as an assistant) to now overlooked and forgotten figures like Edmund T. Gréville and Guy Gilles, and his observations and reminiscences are never less than fascinating and well illustrated with a treasure trove of clips. An absolute must-see in conjunction with our Jean-Pierre Melville series! “Its explanatory title doesn’t begin to convey just how exhilarating or inspiring a documentary this truly is, and how excellent a trip this well-respected French director takes you on. Deep, thoughtful, immersive, specific yet also wide-reaching, it is an exploration of French cinema by one of its own, a cinephile whose formative movie love evolved into a directed career....” (Manohla Dargis, NY Times)


Ithaca Premiere
DCP color
3 hours 15 minutes
release year/country
2017 France