The Beguiled

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The Beguiled
Sofia Coppola
Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, Colin Farrell

Into a female sanctuary of the Confederacy—an all-women’s academy—stumbles the enemy, a wounded Union soldier in Sofia Coppola’s hypnotic Southern Gothic fantasy, for which she received Best Director at Cannes. “Though it borrows some of the gauzy mood of The Virgin Suicides, it’s essentially unlike any other Sofia Coppola film, a serene, supple picture that hits more than a few notes of despair.… lacking in taut suspense of the conventional variety, it flies in close to a subtler, hotter flame: The sensuality of deceit.” (Time) A feast of acting from Kidman, Fanning and Dunst. “[B]eneath its frilly, corseted bodice, it’s a stone-cold revenge fantasy, a potent cocktail laced with toxic comedy and pungent desire.” (Vox) Coppola has faced criticism for excising two Black women characters from the novel on which it’s based.


DCP color
1 hour 33 minutes
release year/country
2017 USA