Time to Choose

  • Tues Sept 20
Time to Choose

with a post-screening panel discussion featuring Cornell professors Chuck Greene (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences), Toby Ault (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences) & Robert Howarth (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Charles Ferguson
narrated by Oscar Isaac

Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson (Inside Job, No End in Sight) trains his lens on both the challenges and solutions of climate change. Stunning footage and on-ground interviews span five continents, including the coal-poisoned waters of Appalachia, the dangerous coal pits of China, the glowing gas-lit night skies of Nigeria, and the vanishing forests of Indonesia. Ferguson’s advocacy leaves room for hope, as he highlights those pursuing solutions to address the global catastrophe. “Much of the film’s power derives from devastating visual juxtapositions. The glamorous skyline of Shanghai at night is contrasted with daytime images of its smoggy harbor, crowded with ships carrying coal to fuel China’s insatiable energy appetite.” (NY Times)

website: timetochoose.com

Ithaca Premiere
DCP color
1 hour 40 minutes
release year/country
2015 USA