PuppHitz Presents: Heather Henson’s Puppet Dreams: a Puppet Film Festival

  • Sat Nov 5
    $5 / $4 kids 12 & under
PuppHitz Presents: Heather Henson’s Puppet Dreams: a Puppet Film Festival

with PuppHitz Director Scott Hitz

A touring festival of short independent artists’ films that explore their handmade craft specifically for the camera, and are intended specifically for young children and their families!

  • All this Joy | directed by Jesse Garrison
    An enthusiastic indie-folk tale about coming of age and living with spontaneity, courage and hope.
  • Mother Hubbard / Mother Hubbard: Last Rites | directed by Paul Andrejco
    Mother Hubbard fetches some food for her dog, Toby, but is in for a nasty surprise.
  • Colosse| directed by Yves Geleyn
    Colosse is a giant wooden robot puppet who doesn’t know his own strength, much less what his strings are up to.
  • Finger Puppets Everywhere (Scattered throughout the program) | directed by Laura Heit
    Indulge your inner lagomorph with these films featuring handmade finger puppets.
  • Liverwurst Girl | directed by Martin P Robinson
    Transformed by her favorite liverwurst sandwiches, and unstopped by her boisterous clumsiness, she becomes the superhero Liverwurst Girl—sworn protector of bullied kids.
  • Mother Hubbard: House Call /Mango Tango | directed by Paul Andrejco
    MotherHubbard seeks medical attention for Toby’s ailments & is lured into a romantic dance.
  • Mountain Goat | directed by Jamie Shannon
    An excerpt from the award-winning Canadian preschool series Nanalan. An egg tries to climb a mountain and meets challenges.
  • The Sure Sheep | directed by John Kennedy
    Tad the lost sheep learns to overcome his shyness when he joins the Handley Sheep Farm.
  • Piano Mouths | directed by Jeanne Stern
    A lighthearted musical interlude.
  • Sir Dance-a-Lot | directed by Lana Schwarcz
    A cute story of a Knight who saved the day, using not his sword, but classical ballet.
  • Corduroy Cat – Toy Mousey | directed by Frankie Cordero
    The Corduroy Cat sings about his beloved toy mousey.
  • Mother Hubbard: Anonymous Tip / Easy Come, Easy Goat | directed by Paul Andrejco
    Toby the dog is on the run from the law, and Toby finds a kindred spirit in a money-hungry goat.
  • Cupcake | directed by Spencer Lott
    A kid talks about his cupcake in this mockumentary.
  • Eat your Vegetables | directed by Jamie Shannon
    Another excerpt from NANALAN.
  • Milano | directed by Bradley Kemp
    Five year old Lolly Lardpop enters a cookie-induced dream about Milano, Italy, where she discovers some delicious treats...
  • Robot Adventures on Planet Earth | directed by Curis Wiebe
    Robots! On planet Earth!
  • Most Best Hat | directed by Jenelle Weidlich
    A fish tries to find the most best hat.
  • Corduroy Cat – Box | directed by Frankie Cordero
    Corduroy Cat discovers... a box.
  • Mother Hubbard: Table for Two | directed by Paul Andrejco
    Mother Hubbard and Toby call a cab, but get an out-of-this-world experience.
  • Graveyard Jamboree | directed by Seamus Walsh & Mark Caballero
    Follow Mysterious Mose as he prepares for a rousing bone-yard bash!
  • Les Mutts’ Teamwork | directed by Alex Griffin
    Le Mutt and Wolfie work together to create a tasty morning breakfast.
  • Melvin the Birder | directed by Spencer Lott
    A short film about a loner who is obsessed with finding an elusive woodpecker. On his journey, Melvin discovers he shares many things in common with the woodpecker.
Ithaca Premiere
BluRay color
1 hour
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