The Man Who Knew Infinity

  • Tues Aug 30
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The Man Who Knew Infinity

intro by & Q & A with Steven Strogatz (CU Mathematics)
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Matthew Brown
Jeremy Irons, Dev Patel

Based on the untold story of one of the greatest minds of his generation, The Man Who Knew Infinity charts the incredible life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, whose self-taught genius for mathematics takes him from the slums of India to Cambridge University in the early 20th century. Spurred on by his mentor, the brilliant and eccentric professor, G. H. Hardy, Ramanujan overcomes racism and the rigidity of academia to revolutionize the field with his startlingly original theorems, which he attributes to divine inspiration. “This is not so much a film about understanding the numbers, but understanding the men who made us see their merit, and the passion that drives each of us to find the true meaning in our lives. And that is a worthy lesson indeed.” (Chicago Sun Times)


DCP 'Scope color
1 hour 48 minutes
release year/country
2016 UK