House of Bamboo

  • Mon Oct 17
House of Bamboo
Samuel Fuller
Robert Ryan, Robert Stack, Shirley Yamaguchi

Writer-director Samuel Fuller’s House of Bamboo is a gangster-noir for the post-war world: hard, fast, and out of control. Shot entirely on location in Tokyo and Yokohama by the brilliant cinematographer Joe MacDonald, it gives us a look at a brutally exploitative Japanese-based American gang led by a compelling sadist (the one and only Robert Ryan). Caught up and over his head is the relatively innocent Eddie (Robert Stack), whose burgeoning love for a “kimono girl” (Shirley Yamaguchi) is counterpointed by his involvement with the complicated crime boss. Also featuring sterling performances from Cameron Mitchell and Sessue Hayakawa.

New Digital Restoration
DCP 'Scope color
1 hour 42 minutes
release year/country
1955 USA/Japan