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Randall Wright

The quintessential California painter, who made his first splash with the swimming pool as landscape, is ironically from Yorkshire. At age 77, David Hockney, who still works in his studio seven days a week, has opened up his archive, a life that begins with Pop Art and moves through the early AIDS crisis into the multimedia present. “…you get the sense that director Randall Wright is dealing with a man whose entire life has already been documented but has just been waiting for someone to assemble the trove of archived material into a chronological timeline. It’s to his credit that Wright does do that while managing to sometimes mimic the visual style Hockney pioneered: vibrant colors depicting his serene scenes and swimming pools. The fascinating sound design borrows soundbites from archived material, like commercials and cowboy westerns, that corresponded with the eras of the life of this artist, who has consistently kept up with new technology — from Xerox and fax machines to iPhones and iPads — to make his work. The result is fantastic cultural context we rarely get in documentaries about artists, grounding us in each period and its significance.” (Village Voice)

website: picturehouseentertainment.co.uk/films/hockney

Ithaca Premiere
DCP color
1 hour 52 minutes
release year/country
2014 UK