Dragon Inn

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Dragon Inn

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King Hu
Shangguan Lingfeng, Shih Chun

The Chinese Wuxia (martial arts) picture was never the same after King Hu’s legendary Dragon Inn. During the Ming dynasty, the emperor’s minister of defense is framed by a powerful court eunuch and executed, and his family is pursued by secret police. In the ensuing chase, a mysterious band of strangers begins to gather at the remote Dragon Gate Inn, where paths (and swords) will cross. This iconic battle of wits marked by lightning-fast sleight-of-sword, barehanded arrow slinging, and acrobatic heroics remains a profound influence on filmmakers from Ang Lee and Quentin Tarantino to Tsui Hark, Zhang Yimou, and Wong Kar-wai. A thrilling landmark of film history, Dragon Inn returns to the screen in a new, beautifully restored 4K digital transfer, created from the original negative.

website: http://www.janusfilms.com/films/1707

New Digital Restoration
DCP 'Scope color
1 hour 51 minutes
release year/country
1967 Taiwan