Bang on a Can Composers Michael Gordon
& Julia Wolfe: Collaborations with Bill Morrison

  • Wed Sept 14
Bang on a Can Composers Michael Gordon & Julia Wolf: Collaborations with Bill Morrison

featuring composers Michael Gordon & Julia Wolfe in person

Composers Julia Wolfe (2015 Pulitzer Prize) and Michael Gordon, co-founders of the renowned NYC-based group, Bang on a Can, will join us for a program of 8 short films by archival filmmaker Bill Morrison, for which they composed the soundtracks. See line-up below. The next night (in Sage Chapel at 8pm) Michael and Julia will team up for a concert of their works that focuses on spirituality and music. It will feature music for choir, string quartet, amplified rock ensemble, and the premiere of Wolfe’s duo for cello and double bass by John Haines-Eitzen and guest bassist Tomoya Aomori.

The concert is sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program and the Department of Music, and funded in part by a grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts.

  • City Walk (1999, 6 min)

    A trip up Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue to Manhattan. Music by Michael Gordon. The first Gordon/Morrison film.
  • Light Is Calling (2004, 8 min)

    A meditation on the nature of random collisions, as seen through the roiling emulsion of an ancient film. Music by Michael Gordon.
  • Porch (2006, 9 min)

    Home movie footage harkens back to when afternoons & evenings were spent on the porch. Part of a multimedia performance. Music by Julia Wolfe. Libretto by Deborah Artman.
  • What We Build (2006, 11 min)

    Images of floodwaters from 7 states and 4 countries in the 1920s. Music by Michael Gordon.
  • East River (2003, 5 min)

    A brief glimpse of Manhattan’s skin. Music by Michael Gordon
  • Who By Water (2007, 18 min.)

    Ship passengers are depicted staring wordlessly into the camera’s lens. All of their numbers have by now been called. And in staring back at them, we contemplate our own fate. Music by Michael Gordon.
  • Every Stop On The F Train (2008, 5 min)
    A rundown of the station names of the New York subway line as it traverse three boroughs.
Music by Michael Gordon.
  • Gene Takes a Drink (2015, 6 min)
    A delightful piece with Gene in charge of the camera work. Music by Michael Gordon.