Stacey Steers: Animations Made by Hand

  • Mon Oct 26
Stacey Steers: Animations Made by Hand

with animator Stacey Steers

Stacey Steers is known for her process-driven, labor-intensive films composed of thousands of handmade works on paper. Her recent work (Night Hunter and Phantom Canyon) employs images appropriated from early cinematic sources, from which she constructs original, lyrical narratives. Through an intricate investigation of the nature of longing, she explores the ways desire provokes and mediates experience to create meaning. Also screening: Steers’ early animations Totem and Watunna, as well as the work-in-progress, Random Forces.

  • Night Hunter (2011, 16 mins) In this handmade film, composed of more than four thousand collages, the actress Lillian Gish is seamlessly appropriated from silent-era cinema and plunged into a new and haunting role. Night Hunter evokes a disquieting dreamscape, drawn from allegory, myth, and archetype.
  • Phantom Canyon (2006, 10 mins) Phantom Canyon explores a woman’s fantastical journey through memories. Meticulous collages incorporate figures from Eadweard Muybridge’s Human and Animal Locomotion, first published in 1887.
  • Totem (1999, 11 mins) Unfolding like a dream, Totem explores our evolving relationship to the animal world.
  • Watunna (1990, 24 mins) The creation myths of the Yekuana Indians of the Orinoco region of Venezuela provide a transparent look at the poetic process by which human beings construct meaning from their experience. Narrated by Stan Brakhage.

This program is made possible in part with public funds from NYSCA's Electronic Media & Film Presentation Funds grant program, administered by the ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.


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