Beyond Enchantment:
Recent Work by Animator Lawrence Jordan

  • Tues Sept 29
    Sage Chapel
Beyond Enchantment: Recent Work by Animator Lawrence Jordan


Lawrence Jordan

Influenced by the collage novels of Max Ernst and the work of Joseph Cornell, with whom he worked, Jordan is known for experimental animations made from collaged cut outs of Victorian engravings which evoke the world of Alice in Wonderland and other surrealist works. Tonight’s program features five recent films including Blue Skies Beyond the Looking Glass, which invites viewers to trip the light fantastic with an array of silent film stars including Buster Keaton and Lillian Gish; Beyond Enchantment, wherein Victorian women encounter science and natural phenomena; and Cosmic Alchemy, where ancient star maps of magnificent color quality take the viewer into a world of cosmic imagination.

According to Gary Morris, writing for Bright Lights Film Journal, Jordan’s aim is to create what he calls “unknown worlds and landscapes of the mind,” and his approach is meticulous, painstakingly creating bizarre juxtapositions and forcing his two-dimensional cut-outs into a strangely seductive pantomime of life. Soundtracks accompany all of the films and range from classical to mambo to avant-garde. Cosponsored with the Cornell Council for the Arts.


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