We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay)

  • Sun Nov 16
We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay)

with filmmaker Jim Mickle via Skype
regular prices apply, includes free admission to showing of Mickle's remake, also titled We Are What We Are (2014), immediately following

Jorge Michel Grau
Francisco Barreiro, Adrián Aguirre, Miriam Balderas

A man dies unexpectedly in Mexico City, leaving his widow and three children devastated and destitute, at a loss without their hunter father, who supplied the family’s food: human flesh, consumed in ritual ceremonies. The eldest son is forced to carry on the family tradition or they will all die. “An unexpectedly rich exploration of family bonds, blood rituals and the oftentimes zombie-like desire to assume the roles proscribed to each of us, played out with a sharp undertow of political allegory and darkly comic sensibility.” (LA Times)

Cosponsored with Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

website: ifcfilms.com

35mm 'Scope color
1 hour 30 minutes
release year/country
2010 Mexico