• Thur Nov 20

Q&A w/ director John Curran via Skype (schedule permitting)

John Curran
Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver

The long-awaited adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s 1980 memoir of the same name, the film depicts Davidson’s 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of Australia to the Indian Ocean in 1977. With only four camels and her dog in tow, her journey was chronicled by a National Geographic photographer and translates beautifully to the big screen. “Alternately haunting, inspiring and dreamily meditative, this is a visually majestic film of transfixing moods and textures.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Initially, Davidson (played by the wonderful Mia Wasikowska in the film) had no intention of writing about her journey, but she eventually agreed to write an article for National Geographic in exchange for financial support for the trip. She reluctantly agreed to have NG photographer Rick Smolan (played by Adam Driver) periodically join her along the way to document the harsh trek. The article was published in National Geographic in 1978 and attracted so much attention that Davidson decided to write a book that went on to receive inaugural Thomas Cook Travel Book Award in 1980. Davidson’s subsequent career of traveling and writing about her travels has spanned over 30 years.


DCP ’Scope color
1 hour 42 minutes
release year/country
2014 Australia