The Night of Fools

  • Mon Nov 3
    7:15 (free)
The Night of Fools

World Premiere!
with filmmaker Rami Kimchi in person
FREE admission

Rami Kimchi

A docu-drama about a Jewish underground movement in Algeria during WW2 that, with only 400 men, succeeds in taking control of the city of Algiers, in which there are 25,000 French pro-Nazi soldiers. They keep control for one night, handing the city over to the Americans, who land on the city's shores the next morning.

Rami Kimchi is an Israeli culture critic and filmmaker. His previous films include Galia’s Wedding (1986), Travels with My Brother (1997), Cinema Egypt (2001), and Father Language (2006).   His main research interests are Israeli cinema, modern Hebrew literature, Yiddish literature, Palestinian cinema, and Near Eastern cinema. He has published a book, The Israeli Shtetls – Bourekas Films and Yiddish Literature (2012), and articles in Shofar, Reeh, Balshanoot Ivrit, Dapim, Moreshet Israel and Hakivoon Mizrach.

Presented by Cornell Cinema, the Department of Near Eastern Studies, and the Jewish Studies program. Cosponsors: John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, the Department of History, the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Initiative, and Cornell Hillel.


BluRay color
1 hour
release year/country
2014 Israel