Lawrence of Arabia

  • Wed Sept 10
Lawrence of Arabia

introduced by Prof Mostafa Minawi (History)

David Lean
Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif

The story of an enigmatic adventurer—some say he was a young graduate of Oxford—who molded a motley group of desert warriors into an army and drove the Germans and Turks out of the Middle East. Palestinian scholar Edward Said has suggested that, in fact, this supposed friend of the Arab people was a British agent. Whatever you think of the politics of the film, the cinematography is incredible; the desert makes a stunning backdrop, and Peter O’Toole gives a blazing performance as the intensely charismatic leader, charged with androgyny. Michael Wilson, considered one of the greatest screenwriters of the 20th century, was blacklisted after his 1951 appearance before the House Committee on Un-American Activities and was denied screen credit for the work he did on this film. Not until 1995 did the Writers Guild of America vote to acknowledge that Wilson is entitled to share credit with Robert Bolt for the authorship of this landmark film.

DCP 'Scope color
3 hours 45 minutes
release year/country
1962 UK/USA