Hoax Canular

  • Tues Nov 11
Hoax Canular

FREE! Q&A follows with filmmaker Dominic Gagnon, moderated by Asst. Prof. J.P. Sniadecki (PMA)

Dominic Gagnon

Hoax Canular is a found-footage film made entirely from YouTube videos of teenagers anticipating the end of the world. The videos act as a coping mechanism for kids imagining the tools and skills they will need to survive it, but leaves the rest of us wondering about fear, social media and how both share our understanding of the world around us. “Dominic Gagnon’s film expands the boundaries of traditional documentary and lends new meaning to online sharing: we never know when the parody ends and things get serious.” – IFFRotterdam, 2014

Grand Prix for Best Canadian Feature at the 2013 Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), Official Selection of the 2014 Visions du Reél, 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam

Bluray color
1 hour 30 minutes
release year/country
2013 Canada