The Exorcist

  • Sat Nov 15
The Exorcist

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William Friedkin
Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Max Von Sydow

While in Iraq, the archaeologist/priest Lankester Merrin discovers a statue of an old demon foe called Pazuzu. At the same time, in Georgetown, a young girl, Regan, starts showing signs of possession. Karras, a young priest who has lost his faith in God, teams up with Merrin to exorcise Regan from what seems to be the grips of Pazuzu himself. William Friedkin’s shocking and iconic take on possession has yet to be bested. His revolutionarily realistic approach, mixed with the graphic depiction of the exorcism, was shocking in 1973, and remains disturbing to this day. Come discover or re-discover this timeless horror classic, now on DCP!

Cosponsored with Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

DCP color
2 hours 12 minutes
release year/country
1974 USA