The Deer Hunter

  • Wed Oct 29
The Deer Hunter
Michael Cimino
Robert DeNiro, John Savage

Robert De Niro, John Savage, and Christopher Walken respectively star as Michael, Steven, and Nick, small-town Pennsylvania factory workers whose lives are forever changed when they enlist in the Army to fight for their country in Vietnam. Like few films before or since, director Michael Cimino’s three-hour character study sweeps grandly through the human soul in search of light in dark times and comes up raw. Star performances are some of the best in each actor’s career and are as palpable as the hot breath of mortality under Vietcong fire. With its memorable soundtrack and deeply attentive character development, plus a Russian roulette scene that will set your hair on end, this “brutally memorable” film earned five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

DCP color
3 hours 3 minutes
release year/country
1978 USA