Car Wash

  • Mon Nov 17
Car Wash

introduced by Prof Cheryl Finley (History of Art & Visual Studies)

Michael Schultz
Richard Pryor, Otis Day, George Carlin, Antonio Fargas

On the surface, the story is simple. A group of car wash workers, trying to eke out a living in 1970s Los Angeles, plays host to a roving cast of eccentric characters. Not far behind the comic touches—with a notable appearance by Richard Pryor who, accompanied by the Pointer Sisters, plays the fast-talking Daddy Rich—is an astute social commentary on the nature of community and its intersections with greed and consumerism. Written by Joel Schumacher, writer/director of St. Elmo’s Fire, the result is equal parts camp and modern-day critique. This might just be your next cult classic.

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DCP color
1 hour 37 minutes
release year/country
1976 USA