Black Sunday

  • Sat Nov 15
Black Sunday

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Mario Bava
Barbara Steele, John Richardson

In 15th century Eastern Europe, Asa Vajda and her lover are accused of sorcery, and subsequently sentenced to death by her brother. Before being burned and having a spiked mask hammered into her face, she puts a curse on her descendants. Two hundred years later, Dr. Kruvajan and his assistant find Asa’s tomb and she’s mistakenly brought back to life, with disastrous results. Black Sunday was Mario Bava’s first credited feature film, and was a box office success. The unusual gruesomeness of the film, however, led it to be banned for 8 years in the UK, as well as being dramatically abridged for its US release. Seeing this black and white horror masterpiece in its original 35mm format will be one of the highlights of the festival!

Cosponsored with Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

35mm bw
1 hour 27 minutes
release year/country
1960 Italy