Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

  • Thur Oct 9
Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case

introduced by Ellen Avril, Curator of Asian Art at the Johnson Museum

Andreas Johnsen
Ai Wei Wei, Andreas Johnsen, Lao Ai

Ai Weiwei would be nothing without controversy. The iconoclastic Chinese artist and cultural activist has been making waves since his scathing blogging activities in 2005. This latest in a seeming flurry of documentaries about the ever-fascinating provocateur details the yearlong probation following his infamous 81 days of solitary confinement in the spring of 2011, during which time Ai was hit by a bogus lawsuit for tax evasion. Whereas other portraits may focus on Ai the artist, here we encounter Ai the governmental scapegoat. Under surveillance at all times, his every moment is monitored by the state in hopes that a crack might appear in his façade. Despite the hardships he endures as a result of this mistreatment, Ai remains steadfast in his politics in an intimate and poignant film that “offers viewers the challenge and pleasure of an important artist’s company, and a chance to appreciate anew his wisdom, his wit and his bravery.” (NY Times)


DCP color
1 hour 26 minutes
release year/country
2013 Denmark/China/UK