Strike (1925)

  • Fri Mar 9
Strike (1925)

With score performed live by the Alloy Orchestra
$12 general / $10 seniors & students

Sergei Eisenstein

Russian master Sergei Eisenstein’s first feature film is a gripping account of a 1912 factory workers’ strike and its violent suppression. Eisenstein’s use of abstract and impressionistic montage to create “maximum shock and intensity” was revolutionary, and this film is often called one of the most extraordinary first films by any director. “The Alloy Orchestra helps create a feel of palpable menace as factory workers’ ire against the fatcat factory owners builds to the breaking point. . . . By the time the final clash of cymbals concludes a devastating finale, the mix of Eisenstein and the Alloy has produced a spellbinding collaboration.” (NY Post)

Cosponsored with the Cornell Council for the Arts, the Department of Music, and the ILR Worker Institute (as a kick-off to Union Day events.)

Digital Projection bw
1 hour 22 minutes
release year/country
1924 USSR