Salt of the Earth (1954)

  • Wed Mar 14
Salt of the Earth (1954)

With speakers from the Eastern Farm Workers Association; archival 35mm print

Herbert Biberman
Rosaura Revueltas, Juan Chacon

Written, produced and directed by three men who had been blacklisted in Hollywood, who took on the controversial topic of labor relations in a film based on an actual New Mexico mineworkers strike. When White workers are given higher wages and safer conditions, the Chicano workers go on strike to receive the same treatment. The neorealist film follows not just their strike but how their wives become involved as well, making it one of the first films to advance a feminist social and political point of view. Originally seen as an extreme leftist propaganda film when released in the ’50s, it’s now considered a realistic look at the inequalities mining workers faced.

Cosponsored with ILR.


35mm bw
1 hour 34 minutes
release year/country
1954 USA