The Room

  • Sun Feb 18
  • Fri Feb 23
The Room
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Juliette Danielle

This notoriously terrible and endlessly quotable film stars (and was written, directed, and produced by) the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, a man of unknown origin and means. Though reportedly made for $6 million, not a single penny appears onscreen. Enjoy framed pictures of spoons as set dressing, inexplicable tracking shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, horrific green screen work, and the most idiosyncratic dialogue known to man! It’s like Ed Wood directing a Tennessee Williams script with a sprinkle of The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s participatory razzing. “Through a film as unvarnished and florid as an adolescent’s diary, Wiseau offers himself up to the audience as few have the courage to do. He may get ridiculed in return, but deep down, in our most confused and humbling and vulnerable moments, isn’t there a Tommy Wiseau in all of us?” (Scott Tobias, AV Club)


DCP color
1 hour 39 minutes
release year/country
2003 USA