Band of Outsiders

  • Wed Feb 14
Band of Outsiders
Jean-Luc Godard
Anna Karina, Sami Frey, Claude Brasseur

Adapted from Dolores Hitchen’s’s Fools’ Gold, an American ‘50s crime novel, Band of Outsiders is Godard’s most accessible film, telling the story of two young men, proto-slackers, and the beautiful young woman they persuade to help them commit a robbery. It is also considered one of his most lovely and tender; Pauline Kael called it “Godard’s most delicately charming film.” The film influenced a whole generation of independent filmmakers: Quentin Tarantino named his production company “A Band Apart” and he, Hal Hartley and many others paid tribute to the famous line dance scene from the film by incorporating significant dance scenes in their own films, making it one of the most imitated sequences from an art film. This recently restored print brings back to life Raoul Coutard’s breathtaking black and white cinematography of a wintry Paris.


DCP bw
1 hour 37 minutes
release year/country
1964 France