Looking for Adventure: Tourists, Travelers and Explorers

Ad*ven*ture: 1. the encountering of danger 2. an exciting and dangerous undertaking 3. an unusual, stirring experience, often of a romantic nature 4. A liking for danger, excitement, etc. — WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY

Twenty-somethings vacationing on a beach in France; group tourists in Peru; backpackers trekking the globe from Thailand to Timbuktu; British mountaineers braving Everest, encountering remote Tibetan culture along the way; travelers on the 500-mile long ancient Spanish pilgrimage route known as "El Camino de Santiago;’ and a woman and four camels crossing the Australian desert (in the upcoming release, Tracks, which screens Nov 20).

What drives these adventurers? What’s gained and what’s lost in the process of their travels? Join us as we explore these questions and more, and along the way, take in some spectacular sights and breathtaking landscapes! Looking for Adventure, Gringo Trails & Walking the Camino are cosponsored with Cornell Abroad.

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