“Just Visiting” Cinema

Sounds simple enough, but truth be told, some of our most profound insights and life-changing moments occur when we’re “just visiting,” away from home, elsewhere, in a foreign place, with different people, or perhaps just alone. And revelations can multiply when visiting a place that once was familiar. How one sees their companions, their homeland, themselves, can change when viewed through the lens of “just visiting.” The series features two in-person filmmaker presentations: Cornell alum Shelly Silver ’79 will present her cross-cultural exploration of New York’s Chinatown, Touch, narrated almost entirely in Mandarin Chinese, and Jem Cohen will present the Vienna-set Museum Hours, about the relationship between a museum guard and a Canadian visitor. Restored versions of two classic foreign films round out the series. Andrei Tarkovsky’s visually stunning Nostalghia, about a visitor in Italy longing for his homeland of Russia, will be shown in a new 35mm film print, and Roberto Rossellini’s groundbreaking Voyage to Italy, about a British couple traveling around Naples, will be shown in a definitive digital restoration of the essential English-language version of the film, featuring Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders voicing their own dialogue and will be introduced on Friday, October 4 by Andrew Utterson, Cornell Institute for European Studies Regional Visiting Fellow and IC film professor.

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