Ithaca International
Fantastic Film Festival

The IIFFF has grown to a 5-day-long film festival this year, and will offer a more fully developed experience of fantastic film culture for genre fans for all walks of life. From an homage series, to a fantastic film competition, to special concerts and parties, there is sure to be something for everyone. This year's retrospective of 35mm prints, Dan O'Bannon: Re-Thinking the Monsters, hosted by Cornell Cinema, is dedicated to seldom though-of sci-fi screenwriter and tour de force, Dan O'Bannon. Best known for penning the screenplay for the original Alien, O'Bannon brought the old monsters back from the dead and anchored them in the post-1968, more realistic horror era. Six films in O'Bannon's roster will be screened in glorious 35mm prints in Willard Straight Theatre. Cornell Cinema will also host the first IIFFF Cine-Concert: local musical duo Tzar (Michael Stark and Brian Wilson) will accompany two silent shorts by French film pioneer René Clair, including The Crazy Ray, a science fiction comedy. TIckets for the Cine-Concert are $12 for general admission and $10 for students and seniors and are available now at For information on ticket pricing for the remaining IIFFF shows, visit

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