Burt Lancaster:
A Centennial Tribute

November 2, 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of Burt Lancaster’s birth and Cornell Cinema pays tribute with this three-film series (but a fraction of all the remarkable films Lancaster made between the mid ‘40s and mid ‘80s). Perhaps the quintessential American actor, certainly of the postwar era, Lancaster worked for Hollywood studios and independents in a wide range of film genres, always careful not to be pigeonholed. In addition to the multiple Academy Award winning From Here to Eternity and the existential odyssey, The Swimmer, based on John Cheever’s short story, New York Times film critic A.O. Scott will introduce a screening of Sweet Smell of Success, starring Lancaster as the fast-talking, all-powerful Manhattan gossip columnist, J.J. Hunsecker. All the films will be shown in stunning digital restorations. A.O. Scott is coming to campus to deliver the Daniel W. Kops Freedom of the Press Lecture on Thursday, November 7.

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