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IIFFF (Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival) is a three-day film festival (November 16–18) recognizing and promoting fantastic film culture. Covering styles such as science fiction, graphic thriller and horror, the festival seeks to highlight creative independent film where it isn’t always expected. In this inaugural year, the festival will host an international competition among six selected feature films, as well as a retrospective honoring Australian film from the 1970s and 80s, and several special screenings. This year’s retrospective, entitled “Ozploitation and Beyond,” includes gems such as those listed above as well as Patrick (1978), Mad Max (1979), and Stunt Rock (1980). A non-theatrical extended edition of the 1980s classic C.H.U.D. will also be presented as part of the special screenings. For information on ticket pricing for these shows, please visit www.ithacafilmfestival.com