CowJews and Indians: How Hitler Scared My Relatives - and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse with a Picture of Jesus, Reminding Me - for the Wrong Reason - That I Owe the Mohawks Rent


Marc Halberstadt


Tue, 09/10/2019 - 7:00pm

Special Notes

Filmmaker Marc Halberstadt in person
Free admission
Ithaca Premiere

Release year/country

2013 USA




1 hr 30 mins


image from CowJews & Indianss

Marc Halberstadt’s parents lost their property to the Nazis, but he’s living on land in Upstate New York taken away from the ancestors of Native Americans. An idea springs to his mind: “If the Germans owe me for 65 years worth of back rent—and I owe the Native Americans for 65 years worth of back rent—why don’t I let the Native Americans collect directly from the Germans? Cut out the middleman!” And so his wacky adventure to Germany with four Native Americans to execute “the assigned–claim collection strategy” begins. “Brilliant or the work of a man who had too much time on his hands, a quirky idea, and a few bucks to make it happen [?] Maybe all of the above.” (The Eastern Door) In English, German & Sioux with English subtitles.

Sponsored by the Jewish Studies Program and the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program.