All Access Card Purchasing Tips

By: staff, 
Fri, 08/30/2019

Cornell Cinema's new All-Access Pass is proving to be very popular - YAY! - but we are experiencing some log jams at the box office, especially when everyone shows up at the same time!
Here's what we recommend doing to alleviate the situation:
Purchase a pass IN ADVANCE online
(You will incur a small processing fee, but this same fee applies when purchasing in person, so there's no advantage to doing the latter.)
Pick-up your pass IN ADVANCE at the box office:
If you're planning to attend a film that's scheduled in the early slot (~7pm), please plan to retrieve your pass a day or more in advance (you can do so from the box office on any night we are showing films; just avoid the 15 minutes before and after a screening start time! If it's impossible to come a day or more in advance, please plan on arriving at least 20 minutes in advance of the show you'd like to see.
If you're planning to attend a film that's scheduled in the late slot(~9:30pm), please plan to pick-up your pass anytime between 15 minutes after the first show of the evening starts and 30 minutes before the late show you want to attend.
Please note that the box office closes 30 minutes after the last show of the evening has started.
Patrons with passes already in their possession will still have to check-in at the box office this week, but we expect to have a second scanner on hand by next week that will make it possible for pass-holders (who have reserved a ticket for that particular show in advance online) to enter the theatre directly (bypassing the box office) to have the usher scan the reserved ticket (either a printed or phone version). 
We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we get these new passes out into the world!
See you at the movies!
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