• Wed May 10*
    $5 all


Alfred Hitchcock
Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, Janet Leigh

The Master of Suspense’s most financially successful picture, this story of a man, his mother, and a very creepy motel redefined the psychological horror and suspense genres and remains as terrifying as ever. The most financially successful picture ever directed by the Master of Suspense, Psycho redefined the psychological horror and suspense genres. Norman Bates is a psychotic motel proprietor who lives under the domineering influences of his invalid Mother, who's bent on keeping her son free from corruption, particularly when it shows up in the form of an attractive, single woman named Marion—hack, spurt, and splash!—in one of cinema's most renowned scenes.

Our RESCHEDULED screening will be held in the Willard Straight Theatre and admission includes a can of Blood Orange San Pellegrino sparkling water and other bloody good treats!

Blu-ray b&w
1 hour 49 minutes
release year/country
1960 USA