Ivy Film Festival

  • Sun Apr 16
Ivy Film Festival

Ivy Film Festival is a student-run film festival dedicated to showcasing student filmmakers from around the world, creating channels for students to learn about the industry’s emerging discourses and innovations, and building a network between today’s pioneers and the next generation.


  • Shark Tooth (International) Oren Gerner | Minshar for Arts Academy | Israel
    28 min.
    Ora arrives at a spiritual workshop in the desert in order to spend some time with her daughter Tali. As the workshop progresses, dark elements from their past arise, and the two are obliged them to deal with their implications.
  • Adam (U.S. Undergraduate- Experimental and Animation) Evelyn Ross | Rhode Island School of Design | USA
    2 min.
    In the beginning of them She created us.
  • Forever Home (U.S. Undergraduate- Documentary) Raquel Korman | University of Southern California | USA
    14 min.
    A candid look into the lives of an extraordinary family who struggle to provide secure and loving futures for their 10 children they adopted from the foster system.
  • the biggest wad is mine (U.S. Graduate) Samantha Gurry | California Institute of the Arts | USA
    3 min.
    Junior High is one Sticky Situation
  • Manners of Dying (U.S. Graduate) Bo-You Niou | American Film Institute Conservatory | US
    22 min.
    The tired warden of a death row facility convinces himself that every inmate that he's killed has died painlessly. Deep down, he knows that he is lying to himself. (CONTENT WARNING: capital punishment)
  • Broad Strokes (U.S. Undergraduate- Comedy) Phillip Vernon | Chapman University | USA
    17 min.
    On the tail of a dying New Years Eve party, queer best friends Annie and Austin both pursue romantic temptations against their better judgment.
  • Day One (U.S. Undergraduate- Documentary) James Kolsby | Columbia University | USA
    8 min.
    January 20th, 2017 An overcast day in New York
  • Birds With Human Heads (U.S. Undergraduate- Experimental and Animation) Max Wilde | University of North Carolina School of The Arts | USA
    10 min.
    Henrietta gives Beth her first tattoo on a little red planet full of puppet animals and a bird dragon.

Cosponsored by Cornell Cinema.

website: http://ivyfilmfestival.org

blu-ray color
1 hr 45 minutes
release year/country
2017 USA/Israel