• Thur Feb 11
  • Fri Feb 12
  • Sat Feb 13
Sam Mendes
Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux

In the latest installment of the James Bond films, a cryptic message from Bond's past sends him on a rogue mission to infiltrate a secret meeting of the sinister organization known as Spectre. Meanwhile back in London, the new head of the Centre of National Security questions Bond’s actions and the relevance of MI6. Bond covertly enlists Moneypenny and Q to help him seek out Madeleine Swann, the daughter of his old nemesis, who may hold the clue to untangling the web of Spectre. As Bond ventures toward the heart of the organization, he learns a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks. “If there is such a thing as ‘James Bond's Greatest Hits,’ then Spectre is it. The 25th movie about the British MI6 agent with a license to kill is party time for Bond fans, a fierce, funny, gorgeously produced valentine to the longest-running franchise in movies.” (Rolling Stone)

website: 007.com/spectre

DCP 'Scope color
2 hours 28 minutes
release year/country
2015 UK/USA