• Thur Apr 21
  • Sat Apr 23
Radu Jude
Teodor Corban, Toma Cuzin, Alexandru Dabija

Set in early 19th century Wallachia, the film tells the tale of a Gypsy slave who runs away from a noble’s estate after having an affair with his wife, and the local constable who is hired by the noble to find the fugitive. Adventures ensue in this “exceptional, deeply intelligent gaze into a key historical period, done with wit as well as anger.” (Variety) Gypsy slavery lasted from the 14th century up until the middle of the 19th century, but little is known of it or discussed even though its impact continues to influence Romania's social life. “Do not be fooled by the playful, irreverent tone. Behind its attractive surface sheen of lusty humor and ravishing visuals, [the film] makes some spiky topical points about the lingering scars of slavery, feudalism, misogyny and racism.” (Hollywood Reporter) Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival. Romania’s submission for Best Foreign Film Oscar. In Romanian, Turkish and Romany.

Cosponsored with the Cornell Institute for European Studies.


DCP 'Scope bw
1 hour 48 minutes
release year/country
2015 Romania/Bulgaria/Czech Republic