Pop Aye

  • Wed Sept 6
Pop Aye

with producer Weijie Lai in person

Kirsten Tan
Bong, Thaneth WaraKulnukroh, Penpak Sirikul

On a chance encounter, a disenchanted architect bumps into his long-lost elephant on the streets of Bangkok. Excited, he takes the elephant on a journey across Thailand, in search of the farm where they grew up together. Along the way, they meet a colorful cast of characters that includes a pair of local police officers, a forlorn transgender sex worker, and a mysteriously wise drifter. As the encounters mount and the bond between man and elephant deepens, filmmaker Kirsten Tan weaves a strikingly universal tale in this feature debut that won prizes (and hearts) at the Sundance and Rotterdam Film Festivals.

Cosponsored with the Society for the Humanities.

website: kinolorber.com/film/popaye

Ithaca Premiere
DCP 'Scope color
1 hour 42 minutes
release year/country
2017 Thailand/Singapore