Looking for Adventure

  • Thur Sept 11
Looking for Adventure

includes admission to Gringo Trails which immediately follows

Kimi Takesue

“Exploring with rigorous formal composure the “strains, pleasures, and choreography” of group tourism in Peru, documentary filmmaker Kimi Takesue has created a unique ethnography of Andean culture: both its commodification for the exotic-seeking traveler, and the sublime elements that effectively inspire pilgrimages of universal beauty. Tension arises in the film’s still tableaux, in which vast landscapes are dotted by migratory patterns of curious, bored and intrepid wanderers. A sense of gentle circumspection, rather than cynicism, attends Takesue's radically observational mode of filmmaking, a protracted gaze in which time and place assume precedence.”(Jay Kuehner, Northwest Film Forum)

Cosponsored with Cornell Abroad

BluRay color
43 minutes
release year/country
2013 USA/Peru