• Thur Sept 19

with filmmaker Shelly Silver ’79 in person
cosponsored with the Dept. of Art

Shelly Silver

The latest hybrid creation from experimental veteran and Cornell alum Shelly Silver is a visually sumptuous exploration of New York’s present-day Chinatown as seen through the fictionalized, autobiographical prism of a returning emigree. In the collage of recent footage and archival stills, narrated almost entirely in Mandarin Chinese, “issues of cultural and personal identity cross-pollinate with discursive inquiries into the meaning of urban space and social interaction. Using combinations of image, spoken word and caption-text, Silver illustrates how—to borrow a phrase from Sarah Polley’s not-dissimilar current film—’the stories we tell’ about ourselves, our families and our communities build over time into complex and enigmatic structures.” (Hollywood Reporter) Silver has moved between installation, video, photography and film for nearly three decades, and her short work was the featured in a recent series at New York’s Anthology Film Archives entitled Shelly Silver: small lies, BIG TRUTHS.


Blu-ray color
1 hour 8 minutes
release year/country
2013 USA